Shift Captain Guidelines

Shift Captains:

  • First: Watch the volunteer training video on the Taking Donations by Phone page, even if you’ve seen it before. Some things may have changed, and it’s a good refresher.

Roles and Responsibilities

Show up a little before your shift.

Meet and orient the phone volunteers as they show up.

  • First, have them go over the “Taking Donations by Phone” help page and watch the video walk through on that page. There should be a shortcut to that page on the volunteer computer browser. All volunteers should review this page their first shift of the drive (even if they’ve helped at previous drives)

Check in with the outgoing Captain for any updates.

Answer questions.

Oversee the phone volunteers and calls.

  • All donations should use the online form.
  • Remind volunteers to read everything back for accuracy and to keep the caller on the phone until after submitting and they see the confirmation screen.
  • SOLR upgrades should use the SOLR form, there’s a link to this form on the donation page.
  • Expedite passing of non-donation calls to the front desk or staff. 
  • Make sure everyone shares answering of incoming calls (i.e. one person should not be taking all of them).
  • Listen for accuracy and give feedback as necessary.
  • It’s important to verify if the donation is a one-time or monthly from the box at the top of the form at the time of donation review.
  • Maintain show tally and update studio screen information. (For more info, see Producer section below)
    • During weekday morning news (6:45am-9:30am) and Wednesday evening (6-7pm) shifts, this role will transfer to the Producer.
  • Oversee thank-you gifts:
    • Thank you gifts should be listed on each show/block’s slide. A staff person or show host might let you know about of other special gifts.
    • Note gift title and other details
    • Gift Fulfillment:
      • Gifts can be picked up at Boulder studio weekdays during regular business hours.
      • All gift certificates and hard tickets are mailed without an additional charge.
      • If mailed, $5 additional charge unless the donation is monthly. SOLR members get free shipping (as noted on donation form).
    • Fill out and collect thank you gift slips. Help monitor that gift slips are assigned correctly to the donors.
    • Notify phone volunteers if a particular thank-you gift is no longer available and update the show slide if listed there.
  • Manage the Environment – the hallway can get quite noisy and chaotic at times!
    • Volunteers can use the Kabaret room if they prefer to work in a quieter environment
    • Personal conversation’s ok, but shouldn’t distract from main tasks, especially when calls are coming in.
  • Report any issues to the staff person on duty.
  • The staff person is your immediate supervision. Report any issues to them, or follow any specific instructions they may have.

The “Producer” role (or Captain during non-busy times)

  • During busier shows, a staff (or other) person may assume the role of the ‘producer’, updating the thank you’s and tallies on the slides.
  • When there is a producer, the shift captain’s role is to assist phone volunters and help track thank you gifts.
  • Sign into the email account to see incoming donations. Ask staff if password isn’t saved.
    • All online donations should come in through here. (taken at KGNU or by donors completed the form themselves at home)
  • Tally incoming donations, only count new money for the station.
  • Update tally and thank-yous on the show slides.
  • Listen for thank-yous as they’re mentioned on air and remove from screen. Check with hosts periodically between breaks if you’re not sure.
  • During less-busy shifts, the captian assumes producer duties.


  1. Helping the phone volunteers. (questions about the form, thank you gifts)
  2. Efficiently re-directing non-donation or more complicated calls (triage – staff on duty? membership? front desk?)
  3. should captain take calls during busy times when all volunteers are on the phones? as a last resort, better to help with other caller’s questions.
  4. Updating the show tally sheet, then update the slide.
  5. Adding donor comments to the slides.

Thanks for helping!

Common Issues:

  • Auto fill not working. No worries, just type in the caller’s info.
  • Slide management – understanding how to find you show’s slide, how they update. Make sure you’re looking at the current show on the laptop.
  • Chatty callers – we want to get through contributions efficiently, don’t be afraid to politely disengage.
  • Computer browser window / tab management.
  • Computer issues. Notify the staff person on duty.