Summer 2020 Fund Drive


Our Summer Fund Drive is July 8-12, with an invitation to show your support for community radio!


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Special Programming

We have several audible treats during our Summer Fund Drive. Don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind music specials and interviews.


  • Tangerine Dream Tribute – Wednesday, July 8 9:30 PM with Uncle Jeff and Dave Alex – Morning Sound Alternative
  • Colorado Only Edition of the Afternoon Sound Alternative – Wednesday, July 8 12:00 PM with Mr. Denver
  • You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio: Songs about the Radio, Thursday, July 9 10 9:30 AM: with Ginger Perry and Sanford Baran – Morning Sound Alternative
  • Coronapalooza – Thursday, July 9 12:00 PM, with Indra Raj and Joel Davis – Afternoon Sound Alternative
  • The Return of the Mod Housewife: Amy Rigby – Thursday, July 9 7 PM with Desdemona Finch – HWY 322
  • Vibravoid Tribute – Saturday, July 11 12:00 AM with Randy Roark – Sleepless Nights and Restless Mornings
  • Revisiting The Charles – Sunday, July 12 9:00 AM with Meredith Carson – Roots & Branches


  • Nolan Higdon on Fake News  – Wednesday, July 8 8:35-9:30 AM on A Public Affair
  • Michael Eric Dyson – Wednesday, July 8 6:00-7:00 PM with David Barsamian on Alternative Radio
  • William Barber & Greg Pallast, Thursday July 9 8:35-9:30 AM with Liz Lane on A Public Affair
  • Antonia Juhasz – Thursday, July 9 6:00-7:00 PM with Maeve Conran on It’s the Economy
  • Dan Newman – Friday, July 10 8:35-9:30 AM with Kathy Partridge on Connections

KGNU Thank You Gifts

kgnu water bottle

New for Summmer 2020 – Water Bottles! Available for a $60 donation.

We also have a fresh batch some of our favorite shirts! Roots & Branches, Reggae Bloodlines, and Radio Waves, featuring new colors and sleeve design. Available in mens and womens sizes. Let us know size and color preferences in your donation comments.

Shirts are available for an $88.50 donation.


Please indicate your selection along with size & style as appropriate in the comments/thank you gift area on your donation form. Quantities limited.

Donate Now

Donate Now

In the age of ultra-information, community radio remains a powerful way for people to connect, learn, and discuss issues important to their lives. KGNU has provided informative and entertaining programming to listeners on Colorado’s Front Range for more than 42 years – programming that digs deep into social and political issues showcases independent voices and celebrates our community’s unique culture.

Our goal to raise critical operating funds that will allow us to continue to bring you community radio – radio created and cultivated by your community. Whether you’re a news junkie, analysis geek, or world music devotee, you can discover the power of community radio by tuning in and making a donation.