King Soopers and City Market Reward Program

KGNU has joined the Community Rewards Program through King Soopers and City Market.

If you already shop at King Soopers, City Market or Kroger Market you can support KGNU.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Verify you King Soopers/City Market card or associated phone number (alternate ID) is registered online at
  2. Once signed in online, go to the Savings and Rewards drop-down menu and select the Community Rewards option or follow this link:
  3. Click on “Enroll Now” and then search for Boulder Community Broadcast Association doing business as KGNU.
  4. The page will reload confirming that you’ve chosen KGNU to receive donations.

When you shop at King Soopers, you are also helping KGNU amplify its mission and critical programs.

How much is our organization able to earn?

King Soopers pays out $10 million annually. $2.5 million will be divided amongst all registered nonprofits every quarter, with a maximum payment to any organization of $125,000 per quarter.

The amount received is based upon their percentage of spending as it relates to the total spending of all participating King Soopers Community Rewards organizations.

The more members and supporters you have signed up who are shopping at King Soopers, the greater your donation will be.

The potential to help KGNU is incredible!

As an essential community service, we ask you to consider participating in the Community Rewards Program.

Please sign up today! And help spread the word!

Questions? Please contact or (303) 449-4885.